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A1 Home Services A1 Home Services is a family-run business, and we pride ourselves on our great customer service. We give you a friendly and trustworthy alternative to the big, expensive firms you'll often find in the city. Specialists in boiler installation, servicing and repair; power-flushing, and unvented Megaflo cylinders. We also undertake gas certificates and many other aspects of plumbing work.

Contact us today and find out what we can do for you. For over two decades A1 Home Services have been providing London and surrounding areas with quality plumbing services. We push the boundaries in terms of competitiveness, you will find our prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of work we carry out.

read more › Our team of specialist bathroom plumbers can help you plan, design and install your new bathroom suite without all the hassle! With many years experience in the installation of bathrooms, we can provide a fully tailored solution to meet your requirements and your property. Our bathroom plumbing team can refurbish an existing bathroom with a new suite or upgrades, repair existing bathroom suites which may be leaking or have suffered pipe damage, and even install new baths, showers, toilet cisterns and wash basins.

read more › Our plumbers can attend any blocked sink & bath problem within hours of your telephone call. We are fully experienced at investigating and removing blocked sinks, slow draining baths, pipework and drains. There is no type of blockage we cannot clear! From calling us to clear a blocked bath or sink to investigating further deep rooted blockages within a domestic of commercial plumbing system, call us today! As soon as you have a blockage in your property, contact us immediately to arrange a professional plumber to visit your home!

read more › Burst pipes can happen for many reasons, and when it does happen the damage to properties can be very expensive. It's important that when you encounter a burst or leaking pipe, you contact an emergency plumber immediately. A1 Home Services have a dedicated team of emergency plumbers who can attend your property usually within 1 hour of your telephone call. With their expertise and knowledge, they can quickly prevent any burst pipe from causing further damage to your property and provide a speedy repair where required.

read more › A properly serviced and maintained hot water tank system in your property should provide years of trouble free hot water, however over time they can begin to show wear with temperatures not being maintained, and even start leaking. A1 Home Services are able to repair and replace any hot water tank systems for both residential and commercial clients, and can attend your property usually within hours of your call! Once we have identified the problem with your hot water tank system, our plumbing expert will advise you on the repair necessary and perform this during the same visit.

read more › Whether you have moved home or installed a new kitchen, Plumbingforce can attend your property and fulfill all your Kitchen Plumbing needs. From installing a new kitchen sink with suitable plumbing materials, to fitting a new washing machine or dishwasher, our team of professionals can help. We can also repair existing kitchen plumbing problems, from a leaking sink or dripping tap, to damaged pipes or poor waterflow, our plumbing team will fix any plumbing issue your encountering. To discuss our kitchen plumbing services or to find out when one of our plumbers can visit your property, call us today!

read more › Our outside plumbing service is catered towards those looking to have water outlets within their garages, summer houses, garden sheds and other outbuildings, and require these to be connected to their main water supply. A1 Home Services can provide a free quotation for all new outside plumbing work, such as installing and outside tap or repairing water leaks.

read more › Is your shower leaking, no hot water, low pressure? Our specialist plumbers are able to work on and repair all makes and models of showers such as Triton, Myra, Grohe, Bristan and many more. Having a new shower or wet room installed in your property is effortless when you contact A1 Home Services. Our team of professionals can help you design and plan your new shower System at a convenient time to suit you, and also ensure the installation is carried out in accordance with your requirements. Our plumbing team will be able to install everything required to provide a professional and stunning finish.

read more › Dripping or leaking taps can be more than an annoyance, they can also lead to further problems including damage to your property. Our plumbers can attend your property to isolate any severe leaks in the shortest time possible. When you need a tap repaired, our Plumber will first diagnose what is causing the dripping or leak, and then carry out the recommended repair to prevent this from happening in the future. Our Plumbers carry a range of materials (including tap washers) and stock to tackle most tap problems during the first visit.

read more › Water leaks don't usually occur very often, but when they do it is best to get them fixed immediately. A small leak can quickly become a big problem if not attended to, causing damage to walls, ceilings and floors, not to mention furniture and other personal possessions. The cost of damage from leaking water will always far outweigh the cost of repair by a professional! A1 Home Services have a dedicated team of emergency plumbers who are ready to provide a fast and efficient repair of any water leaks within your home.

read more › Book an appointment with one of our local Heating Advisers - You can choose a morning or afternoon appointment on a date that suits you. If you're a landlord, well help to arrange a time when you and your tenant can be at the property. Our heating Adviser will call ahead to let your know they are on the way. They will survey your property and assess your specific heating needs. They will talk you through your options and provided you with an estimate and details of the boiler system to be installed.

read more › When your boiler has stopped operating correctly, this can cause a number of issues and inconveniences including no hot water or no central heating. Other boilers problems could be water leaks causing the boiler to loose pressure or common manufacture error codes which require a Gas Safe engineer by law to be able to work on and repair.

read more › Depending on the size of your property or whether there are any space restrictions we can recommend a boiler which would be most suitable for you property. We have compiled a list of boilers to help you. If you have a larger property with 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms then you are likely to have a higher demand for hot water and heating. To ensure your heating and hot water meets this requirement, you will need a more powerful boiler at the heart of your central heating system, one that can deliver higher heating outputs and stronger flowrates.

read more › Our Gas Safe service team are experts at servicing and repairing all modern gas fire appliances. Whether you need an annual service, a gas fire safety check or a repair, be sure to call us today! Should parts be needed to repair your domestic gas fire completely, we can typically receive and install most parts within 24 hours!

read more › Gas safety inspections are now a legal requirement for any gas appliances within rented properties. All landlords are responsible to ensure all gas appliances (such as cookers, boilers and any other gas appliances) are checked routinely to ensure they are safe for use. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will be able to provide gas safety inspections at your property at a convenient time to suit you. Following our inspection, you will be provided with a full inspection report valid for 1 year. All of our plumbers are Gas Safe Registered - the legal requirement for working on any gas appliance.

read more › 82% of energy consumed in the home is used by heating and hot water. Reduce your heating bills by controlling your heating room by room for more control, comfort and efficiency. Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat control to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home. Whether at home, at work or on the road, keep control over your home heating and hot water and make changes as and when you choose.

read more › MagnaClean Professional is a high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide. When they contaminate the boiler heat exchanger and pipework, even a minimal build up results in a serious drop in boiler efficiency! Call today and we can arrange for our experienced heating engineer to attend and install a magnetic filter system to your existing heating system.

read more › Even if you bought a new, efficient combi-boiler, the programmer that controls it is barely more than an on-off switch. It may not tell you how much heat you've used or even show you the temperature. You shouldn't have to walk back and forth to the programmer to get comfortable, turn on the heat for an hour and hope it's enough, or guess what the heating bill will look like. The Nest Thermostat gives you the tools to make intelligent choices. With Nest, you'll be able to see the big picture - the temperatures you want, how they fit into your schedule, how much energy you use.

read more › With our local and experienced engineers, A1 Home Services can provide the installation of new radiators at your property, or service and repair your existing radiator system for optimum heating efficiency. Whether you need a new radiator installed, want an existing radiator to be moved to a new location, or have problems with any number of radiators in your property, we can help! We can also combine the installation of new radiators with the servicing of your existing boiler system, or an upgrade to a newer, modern and ultra efficient gas boiler depending on your requirements.

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