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We aspire for complete customer satisfaction with quality workmanship and prompt attention, whilst providing an excellent level of expertise, experience and commitment to quality and reliability in Birmingham and Solihull. Customer satisfaction is the key to success of Prestantia Property Services Ltd and we build upon our outstanding reputation by providing a high level of customer service.

Our main aim is to provide our residential and commercial clients a 'One Stop Shop' solution to all of your building requirements from, kitchens, bathrooms and home improvements to electrics, plumbing, central heating installation and gas work.

Starting out as a plumbing and central heating company Prestantia Property Services Ltd expanded our services to include a variety of property services, we understand that choosing the correct contractors or project manager ensures that your project is complete on time and on budget.Our main aim is to build a long-term relationships with our clients.We specialise in providing the best service to all your residential and commercial needs across Birmingham and Solihull and selected areas throughout the UK.

read more › Our diverse array of projects from new bathrooms to central heating systems are shown below and you will see that our expertise extends past general plumbing services. Our quality service always achieves client satisfaction and this is backed by their permission for us to show of this work below. There is no better way to show you our excellent level of expertise, experience and commitment to quality and reliability by letting you view some of our work. Plastered throughout and decorated with new door frame and door.

read more › Your new central heating system is in safe hands with Prestantia Property Services in Birmingham. Arrange a meeting with you at your convenience to discuss your central heating requirements. If any furniture in your home needs to be moved we will advise you on this before arrival. Full training on the new central heating system will be given after installation is complete. We only employ Gas Safe registered plumbers to ensure that all work in your home or company is completed in a professional and more importantly, safe way and to the highest standard.

read more › An electric or gas fire is the main focal point of any living room and is a great source of instant heat. It is as important to have your fire installed correctly and safely, even if you are replacing a like for like fitting. It is ALWAYS advisable to contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer before attempting such a task. We take the upmost pride in all of our installations with full respect to your home. At Prestantia we have professional Gas Safe gas fire installers offering a competitive rate and first rate service.

read more › Power flushing removes limescale, sludge and corrosion that has built up in your central heating system causing circulation problems and poor performance. With our power flushing service we can remove or prevent these problems, and restore the system back to its original state running at 100% efficiency. A regular power flush will help keep your radiators running efficiently and also prevent internal damage and eventual leaks. A powerful power flush machine using magnets to clean and filter the central heating system.

read more › Thermostatic valves are a great way to control the temperature of the individual rooms of your home. Greater control can help you save money on your heating bills and reduce carbon emissions. For homes with electric storage heating and hot water system, you can take advantage of off peak charges and store or 'charge up' overnight. Heat is then released during the day, for which you will need a different set of controls. If you have a 'wet' central heating system, your heating and hot water will be supplied through your boiler and water filled pipes and radiators.

read more › It is very important to keep your gas appliances in full working order to ensure optimum safety. All gas appliances in your home will need checking annually by a qualified engineer giving you peace of mind that they are safe to use. Faulty gas appliances and fittings and blocked flues can put you at risk of gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. As part of servicing your appliances, Prestantia will carry out a Gas Safety Check ensuring that gas fittings and appliances are safe to use.

read more › Instruct a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer to conduct an annual Gas Safety Check on each appliance and flue in the property. In some instances, during a safety check or service, an appliance my be deemed as dangerous and will subsequently isolated and switched off. This is for the safety of the occupants and must not be used until it has been fixed or replaced by a qualified engineer. For more information on Landlord Certificates for your Central Heating in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476.

read more › Prestantia brings the luxury of underfloor heating into your home using both electric and water underfloor heating adding more value to your home and allowing you to get rid of unsightly radiators. Underfloor heating can be used as the main main source of heating for a room or as a substitute heating source for cold tile floors. Prestantia supply and install electric underfloor heating electric industrial, commercial and domestic locations. We supply a range of products that are suitable for any type of underfloor heating application.

read more › If it isn't an emergency call us to arrange an appointment and we will rectify any plumbing problems. Whether is it a dripping tap or a leaking toilet cistern, Prestantia have the expertise to solve it quickly and efficiently. For more information on our Leaks and Repairs in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476.

read more › For your dream bathroom, ensuite or utility room, Prestantia can assist you in choosing the right design for your room. With bespoke fittings and designs tailored for your needs, you can have any look you want. From small jobs such as changing a set of taps to refurbishing a whole room, we can provide what you need at a cost to suit your requirements. For more information on our Baths, Taps, Sinks and Toilets Installations in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476.

read more › Prestantia can ensure that your room can be completed by remedying unsightly pipework. Our team of plumbers pride themselves on perfection and like to leave a job where the customer is 100% satisfied that the job has been done to a high standard and is neat and tidy. For more information on our Pipe Alterations in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476.

read more › If you do not have a combination boiler, it is likely that your hot water comes through an open vented stored hot water system, fed by a header tank which is usually located in your loft. Cold water is stored in the header tank and fills a cylinder which will heat the water and supply your taps, bath and possibly your shower. The problem with having a header tank in a loft space is that it may be subject to freezing, especially if you have insulated the floor space in the loft as this will prevent warm air from rising and stopping the pipes and tank from freezing.

read more › Whether you want to convert your bathroom to a wet room or just simply upgrade your shower, there are a few things to know before you decide on what to do. There are several types of shower to consider and when choosing the best one, you need to take into account your mains water pressure, your type of boiler and whether more than one person will be using hot water at the same time. Electric showers heat the water as you need it and are independent to your heating system. If you have a combination boiler or an immersion heater, you may want to consider a Mixer Shower.

read more › If you are thinking of installing or replacing a gas cooker, you must use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out the work for you. Safe in the knowledge that your cooker has been installed correctly and to current regulations, Prestantia have Gas Safe Registered engineers ready to help. For advice on which cooker and cooker hood will be the correct size and specification for your kitchen, call one of our engineers today. We can install all types of cooker, gas or electric, whichever suits your life-style.

read more › If you can smell gas in your property, you must turn off your gas supply immediately and ventilate the property by opening all windows and doors. Call Prestantia to check your appliances to ensure they are safely isolated and to see if they can be repaired. If you suspect a major gas leak or wish to report a fire or explosion, you need to call National Grid on 0800 111 999. Our plumbers are experts in fixing all kinds of heating and plumbing problems, in both the home or commercial properties. Cold water problems, emergency toilet repairs, leaking sink or taps or central heating failure; Prestantia are first class in our field.

read more › Prestantia have extensive experience in lighting installation for both domestic and commercial clients, whether you require indoor or outdoor lighting. We can supply design ideas and advice on energy efficient lighting. We offer the perfect lighting solution, whether you require security lighting, office lighting or a complete re-design of your home lighting. Our on-going commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and that of our clients we are often trialing the best LED lighting solutions for your home.

read more › The kitchen is the heart of the home and is very often the place where people gather at parties or during a social visit. Make sure that you have a kitchen to impress your guests and keep them talking! If your kitchen is looking a little tired and needs updating, we can make alterations such as changing the doors or handles or revamp the tiles. Or if you want a bigger project, we can help you design your ideal kitchen. With our team of carpenters, electricians, gas engineers and plumbers, you can have whatever you need in your kitchen as our qualified tradesmen will deliver a professional and efficient service.

read more › If you are thinking of buying a new home, it is recommended that you take a look at the electrics before you purchase. If the property is more than 25-30 years old, the chances are it will need either a part or full upgrade to bring it up to current standards. A quick look at the electricity meter and fuse box (consumer unit) can give you a good indication to its age and condition. Whether you need a full rewire or upgrade to a new consumer unit, we can test, inspect and identify the circuits and advise you on your options to make your home safe.

read more › For guaranteed hot water, independent from your heating system, electric showers can provide you with almost instant hot water - at the touch of a button! By using mains pressure cold water, an electric shower heats the water very quickly so even if your boiler breaks down, you will still be able to have a hot shower. Electric showers need to be connected to both a power supply and to a separate fused electrical supply circuit so it's a good idea to get a qualified NICEIC electrician to install it.

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