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Harton Services Harton Services supply pressure booster water systems to supply pressurised mains water via boosted water pumps to residential and business premises. Pressure boosting systems comprise water storage tanks, high-pressure pumps and controls to increase house water pressure to your home. All pressure pump sets are fitted with the latest technology in variable speed drives to ensure Hartons are at the forefront of new developments in the field of pressure boosting.

Established in 1947, Harton Services have provided prefabricated plumbing, heating and boosted water equipment to the construction industry for over sixty years. Harton are leaders in innovative solutions, designing and building both standard and bespoke quality products to meet customers' specific requirements, with designs fully covered by professional indemnity.

read more › Harton units are designed and manufactured in the UK, which ensures excellent delivery and service flexibility. It also makes it possible to speak directly with experienced personnel based where the units are made - not communicating via intermediaries to a distant manufacturer. Over sixty years experience building prefabricated plumbing units and booster sets gives Harton unbeatable expertise in designing and supplying quality products to meet exacting customer requirements. Harton only use quality products in the manufacture of their units and use the top pump manufacturers such as Grundfos, Lowara and Stuart Turner.

read more › PODs can be sited under any free area, even under a car park, thus maximising valuable above-ground usable space and avoiding the need for an expensive separate building. In most cases planning permission is also not required. PODs provide boosted drinking water to buildings and are supplied as sealed enclosed housings requiring only external site water pipework and electrical connections. PODs are designed to specifically suit site requirements and there are five storage capacities from 1100 to 10000 litres, with twin, triple or quadruple pumps as required.

read more › The S-Pod is a GRP housing with a built in water storage tank and plant room, the housing is fully fitted out in our workshop with booster pumps, pipework, electrical controls, lighting, power and frost protection and delivered to site as the complete package. The S-Pod is designed to be placed above ground on a pre-formed concrete base; services are supplied to the S-Pod for incoming mains, out-going boosted water and electrical power. The S-Pod can be supplied in various different storage capacity's and pump duty's to meet the demand required on site, all units are bespoke to suit customers requirements.

read more › Megaboosters and Compact boosters are above-ground pumping and storage units comprising large-capacity water storage and mulitple pump sets. Megaboosters are for very large developments and Compact boosters are for medium to large projects. All large booster units are delivered to site in manageable pre-assembled sections, which are then simply reconnected on site to leave the whole assembly ready to use. The GRP storage may be divided into more compartments if required and comes with internal and external ladders where necessary.

read more › These units are above-ground pumping and storage units for smaller developments or individual properties and comprise water storage and integral pump sets, all with pumps below the tank, thus minimising footprint sizes. Compact Miniboosters have twin pumps and are for the small to medium project and storage capacities, physical proportions and pump performances are designed in co-operation with our technical specialists to specifically suit site requirements. The Housebooster is for small projects and has a large storage capacity to compensate for a poor incoming mains flow rate.

read more › All Harton plumbing units are designed in conjunction with the Harton technical team to suit customer and site requirements and the variety of options in capacities, dimensions and overall specification is very wide indeed. Have a direct cylinder for electrical heating or an indirect cylinder for connection to a boiler and are pre-plumbed, with welded steel frame to offer a complete ready-to-install unit. Typical dimensions are 610mm wide X 610mm deep X 2050mm high. Units can be optionally supplied with factory fitted controls, including one or two motorised valves, cylinder thermostat, wiring centre, bypass and sealed heating kit.

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