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Here at Ace Energy we offer a range of Plumbing, Heating and Renewable Energy services all under one banner. Part of the Ace Group, offering outstanding services for over 15 years and building long lasting customer relationships. Replace the boiler with an air source heat pump in my Victorian cottage. Ben visited several times to advise & reassure as I'm a pedantic old chap; things have to be right.

They turned up & did the job in the time they said. Hard-working, polite & oh so professional. Ace Energy is constantly committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers, . Here at Ace Energy we have built excellent business relationships, achieving 'Approved Installer' status with many leading manufacturers.

read more › Plumbing and Heating has been the Ace Group's core business since 1973. With branches successfully established in Bournemouth and Southampton, the Shaftesbury branch was added in 2002. We offer a range of services and effectively operate across Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Hampshire. Ace Energy are CIPHE registered and our engineers are Gas Safe and Oftec qualified enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of Plumbing and Heating services. With extensive knowledge and skill, our engineers provide a range of plumbing and heating installations.

read more › As Members of Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, our team of qualified plumbers are experienced in all aspects of domestic plumbing. They can solve anything from small, common plumbing problems around your home right up to an entire house re-pipe complete with bathroom and kitchen makeovers. Our engineers regularly attend plumbing jobs for homeowners, landlords, letting agencies and property management companies throughout Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. If you are looking for a local reliable plumbing service provider, please get in touch on 01747 858852 or email [email protected].

read more › Central heating is a key aspect of any home, keeping you comfortable by delivering a warm house and hot water on tap! Ace Energy provides customers with a knowledgeable team, who have many years expertise in both traditional and renewable central heating solutions. Our engineers are qualified to install gas and oil heating systems, as well as heat pumps and solar thermal panels. The team are also skilled at combining renewable technologies together or fitting a renewable energy source into an existing system.

read more › Underfloor Heating circulates water through a network of looped pipes beneath the floor; resulting in a large radiant surface efficiently warming your home from the floor upwards. Underfloor heating is a minimalist method for heating your home. It works beautifully when installed into new builds but can be added to older houses as part of a partial or total renovation. Ace Energy are qualified installers who have fitted many systems in both new builds and renovations. We have experience fitting this type of heating to both traditional boilers and renewable energy heat pumps.

read more › Smart thermostats can switch your home's heating and hot water on or off at any time and from any location. Smart thermostats have been designed to make heating your home more efficient; aiming to benefit both your bank balance and the environment. Your smart thermostat is linked to your smart phone or device allowing you the flexibility to alter your heating or hot water without needing to be at home. The team at Ace energy are trained to fit many brands of smart thermostat, advise on the best location for your thermostat and can walk you through the controls to maximise various types of central heating.

read more › Renewable energy is energy that is produced from naturally occurring resources such as sun, wind and water. This energy is naturally replenished. Renewable energy is generated by technology so that it can be used in place of purchasing energy from suppliers. The RHI is a UK Government scheme set up to encourage the installation of renewable heat technologies through a financial incentive. The RHI support can be claimed for all the renewable technologies offered here at Ace Energy. As registered MCS installers our team will ensure your system is eligible and guide you through the application process.

read more › Heat Pumps absorb heat from the environment - the air or the ground - and transfer that heat to the water circulating through your home's central heating system and hot water cylinder. This makes them an environmentally friendly energy source. Heat Pumps are well suited to 'off the grid' properties and can be fitted to new builds or installed as part of a refurbishment project. The better insulated and draught proofed your home, the more efficiently the system operates; saving you money and reducing your carbon emissions further.

read more › Solar Thermal panels use energy from the sun to heat your domestic hot water which is stored in your hot water cylinder. Solar Thermal is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy to install in your home. The panels are typically mounted on your roof; however they can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hung from a wall to find the best sunny spot; our engineers can help choose the ideal place for your home. Here at Ace Energy we can incorporate a solar thermal system into your existing heating or design a bespoke central heating system that will blend well with your new panels.

read more › Ace Energy have over 40 years' experience in Plumbing and Heating repairs and servicing, coupled with over 15 years' experience with Renewable energy technologies. Our engineers can assist with the diagnosis and repair of all sorts of problems, from a leaking tap to a central heating breakdown. Whatever your problem please call the team on 01747 858852 who will deal with your concern efficiently and effectively. At Ace Energy our engineers are qualified and certified to service plumbing and heating systems.

read more › Ace Energy are dedicated to creating tailored Plumbing and Heating solutions that perform exceptionally for you, your home and your lifestyle. Whether you are building your new home, starting your long awaited extension or refurbishing an older home for style or efficiency. Our specialised team will work to understand your project and how you would like your home to work for you. To help your project run smoothly, we offer expertise in central heating alongside bathroom and kitchen installations; all under one roof!

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