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P G Plumbing & Heating P G Plumbing & Heating are a company who cares about customers and always try to exceed their expectations. We provide complete advice, deliver high-quality professional work and an excellent level of service which we monitor at all times. We will ensure we are there for you before, during and after the completion of your work. We guarantee that all of our projects are carried out to ensure the minimum of fuss, hassle and worry to you.

We have built the business on customer loyalty and word of mouth and this helps to ensure that we undergo continuous development as a business. We ensure that where possible we use the most modern and up-to-date technologies and offer continuous staff training to make sure we can support you through whatever situation you find yourself in. We offer a comprehensive range of services including plumbing, oil tank replacements, boiler servicing, boiler installations, new bathrooms and a 24 hour callout service.

When the old boiler in our holiday let started to play up, Peter was able to come out the same day.

read more › Are you looking for a professional plumber, whether you've got a minor plumbing repair you need sorting or a much larger plumbing project, such as a bathroom that needs re-sealing? Then get in touch and we will do our best to provide an efficient solution for you. Oil tank replacement can be a major project, but we can help by taking all of the hassle and stress out of it for you. We highly recommend having your boiler serviced annually to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and safely.

read more › As well as repairs, we can help reduce the amount you need through regular maintenance. Did you know that to ensure your solar heating is running effectively it is a good idea to have it checked every 7 years, in some cases we may recommend it is checked every 3-5 years depending on the systems location. Whatever your repair or maintenance need please get in touch for an estimate or quotation so we can help you get a quick, effective and hassle free repair.

read more › Steel tanks need to have their oil resistant coating maintained regularly to keep them in usable condition. In order to reduce this maintenance overhead, or to replace an old tank we recommend moving to a new plastic (polyethylene) tank. Oil tank replacement can be a major project, but we can help by taking all of the hassle and stress out of it for you. There are many building regulations regarding the disposal of old tanks when there is a significant risk of pollution. This may include being within 10 metres of a river or stream or a spillage may run in to a drain.

read more › We recommend that you service your oil boiler once a year because blocked nozzles and filters can have a negative effect on the efficiency of your system. Trust us to service your boiler and we will keep your system running in optimum condition. If you have a fault we can help. We can diagnose the cause of a fault and effect any repairs needed to get you back up and working to optimal efficiency. If you ever allow your tank to run out of oil, we can come and re-prime your system once re-filled and ensure that everything is working again.

read more › If you currently use electric panel heaters or separate fires in each room, then it may benefit you to invest in a central heating system. A central heating system allows the heat for your whole property to be provided from one main point. This allows the benefits of one common control point and a similar temperature throughout every room. All types of system that burn fuel are more energy efficient than electrical systems and with modern oil-fired boilers the energy efficiency can be similar to that seen with gas-fired systems.

read more › We offer a 24 hour callout service to keep you covered no matter what your plumbing or heating emergency may be. Water leaks can cause lots of damage once they start, this is especially true where leaks are small and continuous. We recommend you contact us as soon as you believe you have a leak, whether it be a dripping sound or you simply noticing a meter going around when nothing is turned on. Waiting until a leak can be seen i.e. waiting until you can see damage to your home is probably not advisable as this can result in costly repairs involving many tradesman.

read more › Ideal Heating are experts in domestic heating and hot water solutions. They have been around for over a hundred years, selling over 3 million boilers to households around the UK. The Ideal Heating combi range includes the award winning Logic Max Combi and the unrivalled premium Vogue Max Combi boiler. Both models come in a range of outputs meaning they can heat homes of various sizes. Combi boilers are perfect for small to medium sized properties, providing mains pressure hot water on demand with no need for a hot water cylinder or feed/expansion tank.

read more › Pete and his team rerouted loads of pipes on our cottage that were all in the wrong place. It was not an easy job in our old cottage. The work was to a fantastic standard and we're very happy. Quality of work was good, punctual did a great job whilst being friendly and a smile on their faces! When the old boiler in our holiday let started to play up, Peter was able to come out the same day. Once it was realised that the boiler needed replacing, he rang round suppliers and was able to sourc.

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