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A husband and wife plumbing partnership based in Dorchester. Gas and Plumbing services carried out to the highest standards. We appreciate the value of good customer service and strive at all times to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Established in 2005, we have been repairing all types of drip, flood, fizzle, bang, hiss and shiver in our customers' homes and pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional service at all times maintaining the highest quality of work.

We are qualified and experienced in solving all domestic plumbing issues, however large or small; from your incoming water stopcock to the furthest tap washer in your home, and everything in between.

Thomas fitted new parts to our toilet cistern, which proved to be a more time consuming job than it should have been - though no fault of is. However he charged a more than far price for the work. Also gave some sound advice on another plumbing/heating matter. Cannot recommend highly enough. This very helpful husband and wife team saved my life last

Replace an Old Boiler? Not if you don't need to. There are plenty of old boilers, by which I mean standard efficiency, cast iron, balanced flue appliances that have chugged happily away for 20 plus years and can go for another 20 without any problems. Other parts of the system, the pump and motorised valves may need replacing during that time. Routine

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