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Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing We offer a varied range of Service levels including cover for your heating, plumbing and drainage. I run a busy and very successful Handyman company. In my line of business I have to have a keen eye and high quality, which I give, and my customers expect from me. Running a small business often. We, as a company, have used Gas Safe on many occasions for commercial and domestic projects.

I have recommended Gas Safe for many different projects such as servicing testing and commissioning of boilers in schools. They are always very professional, polite and punctual. I will be using Gas Safe many more times in the future and will always recommend them to others. I am a landlord, and I needed a new boiler and heating system urgently in one of my rented properties.

Gas Safe got the job done in no time and exceeded my expectations.

read more › Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd is an exciting and rapidly growing business. Our focus is on engaging with the local community and giving our customers a personal service. We use the latest technology to enhance our customers experience and remain sustainable. Based in Bromley, we are central enough to cover the majority of South London and Kent. We cover all aspects of the heating and cooling business, whether it is replacing a boiler, installing an air conditioning unit in a conservatory, or carrying out a landlord gas safety inspection.

read more › Gas Safe Ltd is committed to environmental issues and promoting sustainability. With our work we aim to keep our carbon footprint low and we also advise our clients to be aware of the environmental factors. Our internal environmental & sustainability policy covers all areas of our operation, including transport and vehicles, travel, office, working practices, and general measures. We send all of our quotes, invoices and certificates by email so we are virtually a paper free business. We recycle all of our waste appropriately.

read more › Customer care is intrinsic to the manner in which Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd operates. We take great pride in offering the service our customer's demand of us. We like to maintain a close working relationship with all our customers and believe that by offering direct contact with our office rather than through a call centre, we are able to maintain a more professional working relationship, with the added benefit of some personal and friendly contact with our client. This is something that large national companies fail to provide.

read more › A fan blows the hot indoor air over a heat exchanging coil through which cold refrigerant flows. The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and cooled air is blown into the room. The refrigerant circulates through the units and the piping and takes the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Through compression, the refrigerant gas is heated and its boiling point increases. In the outdoor unit the heat obtained through compression is released to the outdoor air by means of a fan which blows the outdoor air over a heat exchanging coil.

read more › In the work and leisure environment, it is critical to keep your premises at the right temperature to ensure your staff, and the public are kept warm and to make sure you comply with current regulations. Our team of engineers are fully qualified to cover all of your commercial heating needs from defective radiators through to installing a full commercial system. If our work is carried out in a building that is currently being used by your organisation we have the experience to ensure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

read more › A boiler service is an important part of running any home and property and is strongly recommended by all boiler manufacturers across the board. It is important that on an annual basis you undergo a service by a Gas Safe registered engineer who will be able to assess and appropriately service your property's boiler. Whether the property in question is your place of abode or if you are the landlord and rent it out, the servicing is your responsibility. These services are crucial for all boilers, and if they are not looked after and maintained properly, a range of dangers can occur including Carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical faults and a lack of hot water and heating throughout the property, all of which can put you, your family and any residents in danger.

read more › Looking for a new gas boiler? Our team of engineers and technicians can install all types of high efficient gas boilers to suit your needs and your property. Whether you require a combination boiler, a vented boiler or other type, installed in a loft or another room, Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd will carry out a free site survey, and a follow up by sending an electronic quote. Once the details have been agreed, we will block book the appointment that suites you, and then complete the works in a safe, tidy and professional manner.

read more › Research showed that faulty gas appliances are responsible for a number of deaths and injuries that occur in the home. In order to reduce this risk Gas Work Notification has been introduced to increase safety standards making your home a safer place and making it more difficult for unqualified installers to continue working. The new regulations stipulate that when a gas appliance in a residential property is renewed or exchanged, the work must be notified to building control which, under normal circumstances would involve a delay in carrying out the work and extra costs.

read more › The regulations were designed to reduce the amount of gas used to heat our homes and businesses and therefore reduce environmental pollution, particularly carbon dioxide. These regulations demand a higher set of energy efficiency measures on new boilers than ever before. With gas-fired heating contributing about 60% of what is spent in a year on energy bills, these new regulations should save you money in the years to come. Roughly a third of the boilers on the market today fall short of this standard.

read more › Most surveyors/solicitors will advise client's to have a gas safety check or inspection prior to the purchase of a property. Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd carry out Home Buyer inspections and gas safety checks for homeowners and prospective purchasers. The report will contain information on the suitability and safety of the appliances. We also give approximate ages and efficiency ratings, and then give a brief description of the improvements that can be made on the particular system. Approximate prices to carry out any necessary improvements are also given on the gas safety check.

read more › At Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd we offer a full range of central heating installations from single radiators to a full central heating system. If you are thinking of changing some radiators or replacing your boiler, feel free to contact us today. As Vaillant accredited Installers we can offer up to 10 years parts and labour warranty on Vaillant boilers. Do you want a high pressure shower to wake your senses up in the morning? Here at Gas Safe we have a range of ideas and tested methods to increase water flow rate and pressure throughout your home.

read more › Gas appliances in tenanted accommodation do, by law, require a Landlords gas certificate on an annual basis. Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd can provide a Landlords gas certificate for your appliances and give you a yearly reminder when the next inspection is due for renewal. We can also fully service the appliances whilst on site to keep the appliances running efficiently. For those Landlords that live far away, or our too busy to meet our engineer, we can arrange directly with your tenant a suitable date and time to carry out an inspection.

read more › Gas Safe Heating and Plumbing Ltd can carry out Legionella assessments for both domestic landlords and employers, or the responsible person at larger premises. If you are an employer, or someone in control of premises, including landlords, you must understand the health risks associated with legionella. Carrying out a risk assessment is your responsibility. You may be competent to carry out the assessment yourself but, if not, you should call us for help and advice. You or the person responsible for managing risks, need to understand your water systems, the equipment associated with the system such as pumps, heat exchangers, showers etc, and its constituent parts.

read more › A Power Flush is a cleansing process which aims to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system. Gas Safe Heating & Plumbing Ltd specialise in Power Flushing central heating systems. Not only do we use the most powerful machine available, but we also use a high strength magnetic filter connected to the system to remove even more sludge than before. Our engineers also mechanically agitate each radiator to release more debris for the machine to filter. This allows for the hard Power Flushing of a central heating system with minimal dismantling.

read more › Faulty or leaking appliances should be repaired without delay. Our Gas Safe engineers have many years experience in carrying out repairs to leaking pipes, faulty boilers and heating systems. We are trained in diagnostic techniques for all major makes and models of natural gas domestic central heating boilers, space heaters, fires and water heaters. We also carry out boiler repairs to commercial and non-domestic heating appliances of all types, however, we do not repair gas cookers or commercial catering equipment.

read more › When you sign up for one of our Service Plans, you can rest assured that one of our fully trained engineers can attend to fix a problem that occurs on your system. We offer a varied range of Service levels including cover for your heating, plumbing and drainage. Unlike some big name competitors there is no excess to pay and no hidden charges. Yearly service including bleeding radiators, re-pressurising systems, visual inspections of tanks and cylinders. Guaranteed same day chargeable call-out if you contact us before 1pm, excludes weekends and holidays.

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