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Portsmouth Plumbing & Heating Portsmouth Plumbers is proud to serve the Portsmouth area with plumbing and central heating services. We are a leading provider of plumbing services including installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance. We offer a wide range of services to assist residential and commercial property owners with the care of their water and central heating systems.

As an established company with fully trained and licenced operatives and years of experience helping customers with projects of all sizes, we pride ourselves with the outstanding customer service we offer our clients. Contact us to discuss your plumbing or heating needs. Our company is a locally owned and operated business with a real connection to the area and a proven record of integrity and trust.

Equipped with all the necessary tools, we will respond to your needs in a timely and considerate manner. We show that we care. You are always served by a highly trained and experienced plumber who will communicate with you all through the process and give you the assurance that you are getting the right service.

read more › Hiring a plumber should never be a complex or complicated task. We aim to make every step of the process easy. From your first call and diagnosis, to when we give you a quote and talk you through the materials you need or the options you should weigh before taking action. We have designed every step to be simple and would not leave you second guessing what may be. By working to your schedule, our services are designed to provide solutions that suit your needs perfectly. Plumbing isn't a service to be left to any team as the risks can be incredibly high.

read more › With Portsmouth Plumbers expect to get the highest quality service, care and workmanship in Portsmouth no matter the project. All our works are carried out with highest level of safety in line with best practices. Our priority is to give the best customer service and we would not leave your project until you confirm that you are completely satisfied. Our services are reasonably priced and we do not ask for to pay for things you do not need. We guide you throughout the process from our price estimate to choosing the materials to be used for the project.

read more › Plumbing is an essential part of all modern homes. Our water systems power the supply of water around our homes to key areas like the Kitchen, Bathrooms and even outside the Property. So when these systems become faulty and are not working at their optimal level they become a cause for anxiety or worry. Luckily for you, you can rely on our team in Portsmouth Plumbers that offer high standard plumbing services. If there is any issue with your home water systems, call our friendly team and we will be happy to come over to fix the problem.

read more › Central Heating is vital to every home or property. We cannot do with it especially in winter seasons or during a cold snap in autumn. Faulty Central Heating system can result in very adverse situations for occupants of the home/property and long term damage to the property resulting from problems like damp. It is also a health challenge for the occupants of the home. It is important to limit this discomfort by making sure that there must always be a functional central heating system that is properly installed in any property.

read more › A boiler is vital part of any central heating system. A boiler is designed to distribute heat from hot water to the radiators and household devices before pumping it back to the boiler to be reheated. At Portsmouth Plumbers, we prioritize our boiler services and offer quality and efficient brands of residential and commercial boilers. This includes major brand names like Worchester Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant, Viessmann and BAXI amongst others. Without a reliable boiler, it may be challenging to have functioning heating and hot water in your home.

read more › The bathroom is such an important area in any property. Bathroom in a property can increase or reduce the overall value of the property. The bathroom is one of the areas of your home that you cannot be making exceptions for. Therefore all your bathroom plumbing must be working on demand so that you can make use of all your bathroom products and appliances. Your bathroom appliances have to be of a high quality and standard as they are used over a long period of time. So if you need plumbing systems, or any repairs or maintenance, make sure you are getting the very best service.

read more › Our team at Portsmouth Plumbers have been providing fast and reliable drain repair services to our customers in and around the Portsmouth area. We are the expert team for drain maintenance, unblocking and repair. We cover all aspects of your drainage from a clogged drain inside your house to broken drain pipe outside. Equipped with the right tools we provide the best drain maintenance services in the area. We offer various drain repair services. Some of these services include drain cleaning to remove dirt and debris that have found their way into the pipes or drains.

read more › It is very easy to take water for granted but it is important to remember that it comes with its own risks. Residential water systems carry pressurised water around any property through series of pipes. Leaky pipes, poor plumbing installations and too much water pressure can lead to major risks including damages to your home and can cause physical harm to occupants of the home. These are risks not worth taking as the cost could be higher than any investment in maintenance or safety checks. This is why we highly recommend regular inspections and safety checks.

read more › Every home or property owner should have the contacts of the right plumbing company if they need to call due to an emergency. Whether you need our services now or not, we suggest you save our phone number in your phone. For anyone in Portsmouth or in the Hampshire area, Portsmouth Plumbers is the go to place for all your plumbing and heating needs. We are the leading plumbers in Hampshire and have established an unmatched reputation in the area. Local residents know they can count on us especially our 24-hour emergency service which makes us standout.

read more › Our plumbing systems are great when everything is working well. When we open taps, we get water at the right pressure. We walk into a shower with good temperature or pressure or can even run a bath easily. Our home feels great to be in. However, when we have leaks, or the kitchen sink drains slowly it feels like our lives have been completely destabilized. Here we detail the 10 common plumbing problems homeowners report and how to mitigate or fix them. Water leaks from taps, pipes and toilets can be frustrating to deal with.

read more › Water Heaters play an important role in our homes. It is the system that warms up cold water from a water supply pipe so that it becomes hot water. A water heater does exactly what its name implies which is to heat water. Hot water is used for cooking, cleaning, washing our hands, and taking a shower. To many people, there is no difference between a boiler and a water heater. If their home does not have hot water, they will say their boiler is not working. Experts tell us that although the boiler and hot water have similar functionality, they serve different purposes.

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