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The Association Of Plumbing & Heating Contractors We're the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors and we're committed to helping our members run successful plumbing and heating businesses. We're able to do this through being a membership organisation which is owned and run by our members for our members. We're also a not for profit organisation which means we invest every penny that we receive back into our organisation for the direct benefit of each and every member.

Once a plumbing and heating company becomes a member, generally we find they remain members for the duration of their business careers. Members are vetted to ensure they work to defined trading standards and have appropriate levels of insurance, qualifications and/or experience. Members can self-certify plumbing and heating works that at fall under the scope of Building Regulations.

Self-certification provides a much more cost effective route as compared with the alternative of notifying work through local building control bodies. Members of this scheme must also hold Licensed membership.

read more › The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) is a not-for-profit trade body for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales. We have been a plumbers association since 1925 and represent large plumbing and heating companies working on commercial projects, to sole traders working in domestic properties. Being a member of APHC distinguishes professional plumbers and heating contractors from the rogue traders. As an association we are committed to helping plumbers and heating contractors run professional and profitable businesses, whilst ensuring consumers have better standards of workmanship and service.

read more › APHC membership provides a comprehensive range of benefits for plumbing and heating contractors. Being a member of APHC distinguishes professional plumbers and heating contractors from rogue traders and all members are regularly vetted and their competency checked. We encourage members to continually improve themselves professionally and implement best practice. Your customers can rest assured that work done by an APHC member will comply with best practice and current legislative requirements. We are committed to helping members run professional businesses, whilst ensuring consumers receive high standards of workmanship and customer service.

read more › Licensed Membership is operated by APHC Ltd. and is reserved for plumbing and heating businesses that work to defined trading standards and have appropriate levels of insurance. Licensed members must also ensure that only competent plumbers and heating engineers are employed to undertake plumbing and heating work. The APHC logo can be used as an independent 'stamp of approval' to visually differentiate yourself from competitors and rogue traders. You can use the 'Why use an APHC member' flyer to reinforce this message with customers.

read more › WaterSafe is an 'umbrella' body and national brand for current Approved Contractor Person (ACP) schemes including: Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) Ltd., Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme (WIAPS), Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation (SNIPEF), Anglian Water's A Plus, Thames Water's TAPS and Severn Trent's WaterMark schemes. With its strong links to the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and backing from the water supply industry, WaterSafe is a comprehensive resource for water regulations advice.

read more › Competent Persons Scheme: Enables businesses to self-certify that their work complies with building regulations in England & Wales without the need to notify Building Control or incur costly local authority inspection fees. Microgeneration Certification Scheme: Provides certification for the compliant installation of renewable technologies which consumers require to receive government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive. To be part of one or all of the APHC Certification Ltd. schemes, the company must meet the minimum operating criteria laid down for each of the schemes.

read more › To self-certify plumbing and heating works that fall under the scope of Building Regulations, companies must become certified Competent Persons Scheme installers through a Competent Persons Scheme Certification Body such as APHC Certification Ltd. Plumbing and heating companies can join the scheme provided they meet the scheme requirements as outlined in the scheme documents, available to download below. Following completion of the initial application form, the assessment process comprises of:.

read more › MCS is also linked to the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive. MCS provides consumers with a guarantee that the products and installers they select meet the high standards to be eligible to receive a grant or financial incentive. For plumbing and heating companies to install microgeneration technologies they must become certified MCS installers through a certification body such as APHC Certification Ltd. Plumbing and heating companies will also need to become a member of a Consumer Code, either the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) or the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) to ensure your customers are protected by a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Approved Code of Practice.

read more › Supplier membership allows industry suppliers and manufacturers to communicate and network with our members and APHC is here to support you in helping safeguard the future of our industry. We can work with you and use our collective lobbying power to communicate with government and regulatory bodies in order to shape legislation and policy. You also gain exclusive access to a choice of additional low-cost marketing services and we're always open to bespoke campaigns and ideas on working together.

read more › Being an APHC Training Provider means you are kept up to date with the latest industry developments and APHC campaigns, which you have the opportunity to get involved with. You are also able to promote your courses and services to our professional plumbing and heating contractor members. Free training referral system from APHC membership consultants to existing members and prospects (location-oriented).

read more › CK Assessment and Training is an established BPEC approved ACS centre, providing a full range of domestic and commercial courses including catering gas training and assessments. Additionally we are a City & Guilds centre offering a selection of different plumbing qualifications. We pride ourselves on the success and fulfilment of all our candidates. Crownship Developments, we are a private training company offering both accredited and non-accredited training solutions in Gas, Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

read more › APHC offer high quality and cost-effective training courses, open to both members and non-members. Our trainers are highly experienced in their fields of expertise and the courses have been designed to focus on specific areas of plumbing and heating, so that engineers can upskill in the areas they want to develop. We have developed three of our one-day plumbing courses for online delivery using webinar software. This means that plumbing and heating engineers can now undertake our Legionella Cold Water Risk Assessment & Disinfection Course, Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems (Unvented) Course and our Sanitary & Above Ground Drainage Course remotely via a desktop or laptop computer.

read more › Successfully completing this course alongside a full plumbing qualification meets one of the criteria to join the PHCA Legionella, Risk Assessment & Disinfection Scheme which is open to APHC members in addition to their APHC's licensed membership or certification scheme membership. It only costs an extra 100 (plus VAT) to join the scheme so why not call our sales team today on 0121 711 5030 to find out more.

read more › The plumbing and heating industry is constantly evolving and this training reward scheme is designed to incentivise plumbing and heating contractors to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones. Plumbing and heating companies can claim up to 150 towards the cost of a certificated training course completed through a recognised provider such as APHC, BPEC, City & Guilds, LOGIC Certification, NICEIC and all UKAS approved ACS providers. We have 100 rewards to give away in 2021 which are limited to 25 rewards per quarter and one reward per company.

read more › This year for Quality Plumber Week, we're giving plumbing and heating professionals the chance to get their hands on a series of prizes, which have been donated by industry suppliers and manufacturers who are in support of #QPW21. Share your stories with us and maybe you'll be featured in a case study for Hot & Cold magazine, published in the trade press, or shared via our social media channels. To share your tale of positivity, email In addition to the theme for this year, we want to continue to celebrate the important work that plumbing and heating contractors carry out each day.

read more › APHC members must comply with industry standards including Building Regulations, Water Regulations and appropriate British Standards. It is compulsory that APHC members operate a customer complaints procedure designed to achieve an amicable resolution to customer complaints and they must adhere to the APHC Customer Charter, which sets out the minimum trading standard requirements when dealing with customers. The business must comply with the requirements laid down in the 'APHC Membership Schemes Rules'.

read more › In the event that you are dissatisfied with the work undertaken by an APHC member your first action should be to raise the matter in writing with the member firm, in order to provide them with the opportunity to fully consider your complaint. If you feel that your complaint has not been adequately dealt with by the APHC member firm as a result of submitting your complaint, then we operate an independent dispute and conciliation process aimed at resolving your complaint. Installation defects where a lack of technical competence shown by the installation business is an issue (please note that we are not able to deal with complaints relating to product defects that are outside the manufacturer warranty period).

read more › It only covers work within the scope of Building Regulations Approved Documents G, H, J, L & P and where the contractor is registered to undertake the work with APHC Certification in the first place. It only covers rectification of the work that does not comply and not any associated costs, liabilities or loss. The financial protection scheme only covers work undertaken as part of the APHC (Certification) Ltd. Competent Persons Scheme. The scheme does not provide cover for work undertaken outside of the APHC (Certification) Ltd.

read more › We are a membership organisation for only professional and qualified plumbers and heating engineers in England and Wales. Therefore, you're in the right place if you are looking for a qualified and reliable plumber or heating engineer as all of our members are vetted before they are granted APHC membership. All APHC members are qualified and professional plumbers and heating engineers who are committed to delivering high standards of workmanship and unrivalled levels of customer service. Only plumbing and heating companies that have passed APHC's strict quality assurance criteria are accepted as a member.

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