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Group3Energy Compliance We are authorised to carry out Green Deal Boiler and home and efficiency improvements. Under the Government Green Deal initiative you may qualify for a replacement boiler at no cost and is paid over a period of time by using the savings from the energy savings. Group3Energy Compliance Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of plumbing, electrical, joinery work and energy saving installers in the UK.

We have a strong team of engineers throughout the UK whom all are registered and qualified and are insured to carry out exceptional work on domestic and commercial properties. We are one of the leading providers of boiler installation at affordable costs because we get discounts as we buy in quantity. We cater for both local domestic and if you are an agent or landlord with multiple properties then we offer great discounts for multiple compliance inspections.

Green Deal is a UK based energy efficiency scheme which enables home owners to get a boiler, internal and external wall cavity insulation and loft insulation.

Group3Energy compliance Ltd are one of the fastest growing property management agents providing plumbing/heating, electrical, joinery, fire safety, in fact our tradesmen are qualified to do almost everything with home improvements and ensuring landlords have the appropriate legislation requirements. We facilitate a one stop professional base for all

It is important that electrical installation work is only carried out by people who are competent. This means people who have the knowledge, skill and experience needed to avoid dangers electricity can cause them and others. It's easy to make an electrical circuit work but it's far harder to make the circuit work safely. Safety for you in your home

Group3Energy make bulk purchases and entitled to significant discounts from suppliers, that's why we are one of the most competitive and our highly skilled staff are employed by providing a vast amount of references, certification, and proof of being at the capacity to complete complex works including emergency call outs. We are a nationwide supplier

Safety isn't an optional extra for landlords of rented or let property. As a landlord, the law requires you to take specific steps to ensure the safety of the gas and electrical appliances in your let and managed properties. That means annual gas safety checks. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that all let and managed property

It seems obvious right? Making your home energy efficient will save a lot of money. A decent boiler, windows that don't leak heat perpetually and snug loft installation make homes comfortable through the cold winter months and over time, generate handsome saving through lower utility bills. However, recouping the cost of some improvements such as building

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