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24h same day repair for all emergency plumbing issues. All our plumbers are Gas safe registered and offer a same day response for all types of Plumbing or Gas Central Heating Emergency services. All our plumbers are Gas safe registered and offer a same day response for all types of Plumbing Emergency services. Came out on a Sunday afternoon, turned up when he said he would and did a fantastic job.

He discovered that the fault was electrical, but has restored our hot water while we find an electrician. He could easily have told us anything, since our plumbing knowledge is nil! Polite, honest and reliable, I highly recommend. I would definitely recommend Kamdem he is fantastic at what he does and I would definitely use him again. Professional and efficient.

Fixed our central heating boiler for a good price with no fuss. To be honest he could have made up faults and charged me the earth and I wouldn't have known any different. I'm more than pleased with kamdem hometech and will definitely use them again.

read more › Do not be shy in thinking that we know best! On the contrary for we entirely rely on our years of training and multiple experiences to tailor this small help guide. The very first mistake we all make when we see water dripping through the ceiling is to rush to the Main stop tap and turn OFF our water supply. Could it be the condensate pipe ( if a boiler ) or the overflow pipe? ( if a water tank ). All of the above are the same question an experience KAMDEM HOMETECH Plumber will ask himself after he walks in through your door.

read more › This is a result of lack of regular service on your magnetic filter. Having a Limescale magnetic filter installed does not mean you never service it. It role is the filter all LimE and dirt before it reaches your boiler main components and damage them. In turn the magnetic filter requires annually regular cleaning and if required dosing in of limescale inhibitors.

read more › Have you ever wondered how a gas engineer would determine weather your system needs a new circulation pump or not? Pump testing preferred method varies from one firm to another, but only one fullproof method is the best. A central heating Circulation pump circulate specially hot water from point A inlet to point B outlet. To test effectively if your central heating Circulation Pump does its job is to test the temperature 50cm at the inlet and 50cm out the outlet; there should be very little to no drop of temperature difference.

read more › Today we had to replace a diverter valve in a combi boiler in Sale. Among the most noticeable signs that the boiler diverter valve is damaged is your boiler supplying only Heating and no Domestic Hot water or supplying Domestic Hot water and no Heating continuesly. The Heating and Domestic Hot water selection of your boiler is very important in reaching user demand. Diverter valve repair in Sale Manchester.

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