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Range Plumbing & Heating Manchester Range Heating are experts at installing boilers and we've got a reputation for outstanding customer service. We've been doing boiler installations in Manchester and Cheshire since 2008. Range Heating are trained to design and install central heating systems using energy efficient boilers. We love Vaillant boilers. They are the most reliable and energy efficient on the market.

As trained, Advance Plus installers we offer a 7 year guarantee on all new Vaillant boilers. All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and properly insured with 2 million of public liability insurance. We are happy to share our documentation with you if you ask. Modern heating systems need to be fitted by engineers trained in installing modern heating controls.

All our engineers are accredited members of the Honeywell Installer Network. Range Heating are expert boiler installers and we've got a reputation for outstanding customer service.

read more › Range Heating are experts boiler installers with a reputation for outstanding customer service. We've been doing boiler installations in Manchester and Cheshire since 2008. We're different from other companies because we specialise in large boiler installations; in fact, the bigger, the better! If you're living in a large property and have struggled to find boiler specialists to work with you then stop worrying, because here at Range Heating we love hte large installations. Range Heating has recently won SpiroVent's 50th anniversary competition, which rated boiler installations and let people vote for their favourite.

read more › There is no obligation to proceed with the work and our costs will always beat British Gas for the same job. Feel free to question us about anything you are not sure about. Range Heating are experts in installing gas boilers and we've got a reputation for outstanding customer service. At Range Heating, we offer a wide range of outstanding heating services to help you achieve the comfort and warmth that you require. We have vast experience when it comes to installing gas boilers, and we always aim to deliver the best customer service possible.

read more › Buying a new boiler is a massive investment, both of time and money, which is why you want to be sure you make the right choice; not only this, but a good boiler should last you 10 - 15 years with regular servicing, which means it needs massive consideration. Range Heating gives free home consultations as well as fixed written estimates which you can take your time reading over, because we know having the time to compare and really get to grips with a quote is important, as you don't want to have an engineer hovering over you whilst you make a decision.

read more › Experts in professional and quality combi boiler installations and unlike many firms, Range has a reputation for outstanding customer service. We've been fitting new combi boilers across Cheshire and South Manchester since 2008. If you're after a new combi boiler for your house, call us and one of our friendly, expert heating engineers will visit your home for a free consultation and give you a written estimate for your new combi boiler. Combi boilers are small and convenient, and are well-known for saving you money on energy.

read more › Vaillant boilers come highly recommended by Range Heating and many others for their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. Vaillant boilers are made with the highest quality components and are backed up with a seven-year guarantee. With a broad range of combi, system and open vent boilers available, we're confident that you'll find the perfect boiler for you home from the Valliant range. Vallaint boilers are perfect for people with broken boilers, those who are looking to upgrade their systems, or who are extending their house and having a larger system put in place.

read more › Range Heating are not just plumbers who dabble in repairing boilers. Our specialists have years of knowledge and experience, trained to design and install central heating systems using energy efficient boilers from Vaillant and state-of-the-art controls from Honeywell. We understand how important your central heating system is, particularly during the cooler months so our mission is to ensure your heating is working at maximum efficiency year-round. If your current central heating system is prone to breaking down or isn't working as well as it used to, it's likely to be costing you in heat and money!

read more › Evohome is a modern heating system that allows you to remotely control individual room temperatures in your home. Evohome Systems are completely compatible with any home that has a hydronic (wet) central heating system installed and allows you to create and individually control up to 12 'heating zones' in your property. Evohome understands that different spaces require different temperatures and whether you have radiators, stored hot water or underfloor heating, new heating zones can be added or removed to suit your lifestyle.

read more › Your boiler is one of the most integral parts of your home, and when it breaks down you may find yourself unable to produce the funds pay for a new one upfront. At Range Heating, we understand that you may find yourself unable to finance paying for the installation of a new model and therefore need another option. That is why we provide a range of boiler installation finance packages which allow you to pay on a monthly basis, so the total cost can be spread out over a number of years. No home should have to struggle with a faulty, broken or even hazardous boiler- particularly during the colder winter months.

read more › I called Range Plumbing and Heating when I moved into my house, to have them look at the old boiler and see if they could get it working. It was a very old boiler and I expected a replacement would be needed; however, they succeeded in getting it working again and it saw me through the first winter. When the boiler did finally go, I received good straightforward advice on boiler options, it was installed neatly and quickly, and has worked perfectly since. I've always received excellent service, at a good price, and absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a boiler service or new installation.

read more › At Range Heating we have been installing boilers throughout Cheshire and South Manchester for over 10 years, and throughout that time we have been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We care about our customers and make it a priority to treat your home as if it were our own. As part of this commitment, we take a number of steps to ensure that once the work is complete, your home is left in the condition it was found. Before beginning our installations, we assess the areas of your home where we will be working.

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