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Euro-lec We offer a free site visit, visual inspection, brief report and estimate for electrical works. Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd has over 30 years of experience offering plumbing and electrical services within domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. With our team of skilled engineers and tradesmen, we build long-term relationships resulting in recommendation for future electrical and plumbing works.

read more › Although predicting any unforeseen event is not our specialty, but helping you in any emergency is something at which we are best, so it doesn't matter what happened to your pipes our emergency plumbing services would help you in every way possible. Sudden pipe burst is one of the main emergencies which happen quite often, and even after you repair the pipe, the post repair problems are enough to exhaust you. Thus, reaching professional for any kind of emergency is the only possible solution that will save you from future inconvenience.

read more › The building trade has never been sure! One thing is for sure though, Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd are able to carry out the job. If you're immersion elements on your immersion heater go, the chances are that the whole house will be in darkness as the RCD will trip taking out all the circuits. Immersion heaters expand and contract with the heat and now and again the protective covering gives way allowing a little water in. Since water and electricity don't mix, a short circuit occurs, then the lights go out.

read more › There are a multitude of taps available for both bathrooms and kitchens and it is important to choose the correct replacement. Water pressure is a measure of the force of the water moving through your pipes. Water pressure is measured in bars, with 1 bar being the force needed to raise water to a height of 10 meters. Each tap or shower will be rated with a minimum required pressure rating, typically between 0.1 and 3 bar. When you're choosing taps for a kitchen or bathroom, it's best to consider your options carefully and opt for the best possible tap for the job rather than simply choosing the cheapest solution available to you.

read more › Here at Euro-lec we specialise in repairing leaking and faulty showers which are a real nuisance and generally only noticed when the water damage is done. At this point you should contact Euro-lec who will investigate and find the cause of the problem. Electric showers become inefficient with age. The first sign of necessary replacement is when there is lack of water flow, indicating the heat exchanger is furred up. Also, when it is not possible to maintain a steady water temperature. Electric shower units are available from 7.5kw to 10.5kw.

read more › We all shower daily and thus, we need our showers to be functioning properly all the time. But if your shower stops running or keeps having an issue too often then it is demanding for a repair service. Nobody wants a delay in their shower and this is why Euro Lec brings 24/7 shower repairs Eastleigh services for all. Get your shower fixed within a short time, with our team of trained experts, getting to work. There are several things that might go wrong with your shower. It might be making weird noises or it might not be producing hot water; whatever the problem, the solution is just one; call Euro Lec for hiring shower repairs in Eastleigh.

read more › Experienced plumbers at Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd can offer probably the quickest assistance including Shower Repairs Winchester. When confronted with serious issues, it is urgent to employ our professional services to fix the issues like Shower Repair Winchester in a brief period. If this shower is not working properly and there is a lot of leakages, you will surely have to book our services immediately who can fix your issue right away. On occasion, issues may appear to be exceptionally straightforward.

read more › Leakage of any of the bathroom fixture is quite irritating and will make the bathroom messy. In order to avoid this situation the fixtures must have installed properly or should be repaired quickly in case they show symptoms of leakage and seepage. The maintenance of bathroom depends on the properly worked fixtures like shower, taps and basin. Shower is the fixture that you used every day; if it does not work properly it will waste your time as everyone's day starts after taking bath, so it should have worked properly in order to save your time.

read more › Get registered and certified plumbing Eastleigh Services at Euro-Lec, as we bring you a team of professional, reliable and well-trained plumbers. We strive to bring the best plumbing services in Eastleigh and go an extra mile for our clients, to offer them high quality services. To get the best experience of plumbing in Eastleigh, contact our team at Euro-Lec and you will never have to look for another plumbing team ever. We feel gratified to state that we are one of the best plumbing services in Eastleigh.

read more › Bathroom installations make the bathrooms attractive and allow you to use it comfortably but sometimes it will be the only reason of all mess created in your bathroom. Because if bathroom installations like Toilet installation, Sink and faucet installations, fixtures installations are not properly fixed it will give you hard time in maintaining your bathroom environment. Leaked and blocked pipes are also the main reason that will destroy the look of your bathroom, these leaked and blocked pipes can also cause serious health problems which arises due to the leakage of sanitary and waste water.

read more › Appropriate plumbing is the key to give neat and tidy appearance to you bathroom and kitchen, and for that purpose Euro-Lec provides you best plumbing services in Winchester that not only deals with your plumbing issues, but also gives elegant appearance to your bathroom and kitchen. Most common issues that are covered in Plumbing Winchester services are leaks and fixture problems, and these sorts of problems only arise due to poor maintenance or poor installation of pipes. To resolve these problems and avoid any kind of inconvenience related to them Euro-Lec provides the best in town technical staff who deal with your problems like their own and gives you only satisfactory results.

read more › Whether you want a new boiler or maintenance on your current systems, we're here at your facility. Our expert plumbers are skilled and equipped with pioneering equipment to give you the best outcomes. From our on-time presence to our industry-leading plumbing experts, we make certain that you are getting the very best in plumbing service. Euro-lec Southern LTD is sure to offer the right products and services for your Plumbing Southampton plumbing development, from plumbing equipment for a home or commercial pipe controllers and fittings.

read more › A mere fault in electrical wiring and electrical appliances lead to huge disaster as this small issue can be the cause of fire in your house which you obviously not wanted. To avoid such unexpected and unusual happenings you should keep an eye on these faults and should not ignore these faults and try to solve it as soon as possible. By avoiding and by do not paying attention on such issues you just create the cause of nuisance for you. All the circuits of your house are interlinked and if default or issue occur in one circuit it will further damage the next interlinked circuits and will disrupt the whole electrical wiring which is obviously difficult to repair and turn in to emergency situation which require emergency electrical services.

read more › As electrical installation specialists in Southampton, we also carry out official EICR surveys. Our fully qualified electricians have the tools and knowledge to carry out full Electrical Installation Condition Reports for both residential and commercial premises in Southampton and surrounding areas. An EICR is a formal document produced after a qualified electrician has evaluated the electrical installations within a property. Only electricians with JIB or NECEIC registration who have taken a course covering inspection and testing hold authorisation to carry out Electrical Installation Condition Reports.

read more › There is a recognised method of approaching electrical fault-finding, often referred to as the 5-Point Fault Finding approach. The most important factor in this method involves gathering as much information as possible regarding the 'cause and effect' of the fault. At Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd we specialise in fault finding and electrical faults. Our electrical engineers use their skill and experience to assess the situation, find the root cause and all for a reasonable price. Furthermore, all of our technicians have a large amount of experience in electrical fault finding, both for commercial and domestic properties.

read more › A Fuse Board is also known to most homeowners in the UK as a 'Fuse Box', 'Consumer Unit' or 'Consumer Board'. We can usually complete fuse board replacement in less than half a day depending on the number of circuits and the level of complexity to the existing wiring arrangements. Moreover, fuse board replacements can only be Certified by a qualified and registered Electrician. Fuse board changes must be notified to the Local Authority Building Control. A Building Inspector would normally need to come out to inspect the work, which incurs a fee.

read more › High quality lighting design and installation are very important in how comfortable your home can feel. The design of your lights, positioning of individual circuits and fittings are important to the safety aspect. Other things to bear in mind is the type of bulb and power consumption. Here at Euro-Lec we have been designing and fitting lighting systems for many valued clients for over 10 years, so have a firm understanding of the best solutions for you. Euro-Lec's time served light engineers can identify problems with the lighting in your home and provide a quick and easy solution.

read more › As your local bathroom fitter in Southampton and the surrounding areas our main aim is to ensure all of our customers receive the best possible service. Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd offer a wide range of Bathroom and Shower design and installation services from floor to ceiling and everything in-between! Our team can supply and fit baths, showers, shower enclosures, tiles, suites, and fitted bathroom furniture. Other options include whirlpool baths, bathroom lighting, mirrors and quality bathroom accessories.

read more › Do you want a bath to be fitted or a shower fixing? You can do this now by a call through the contact us page on our website. From the initial step to the completion of the work, our dedicated team is here to fulfill your needs according to your budget. When you contact us for Bathroom Installation Eastleigh, our expert technicians will conduct a meeting to talk about your supplies and work accordingly. We have vast expertise in this field, so we know everything about installation, renovation, electrical work, carpentry, and many more.

read more › Euro-Lec (Southern) Ltd is famous for certified bathroom installation and home remodeling. We never underestimate the quality of material and services as well. Recruiting a professional EURO-LEC (Southern) Ltd for bathroom Installation in Hedge End will guarantee that you get final products that are as you would prefer and that you care the most about. We are certified professionals and will investigate your home and get insights concerning you that they will then, at that point join into the general subject and plan of your bathroom.

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