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There's a certain amount of truth to London having some of the worst plumbing in the country. As old as London is, the cities plumbing has fallen in disrepair. If you're in South West London and are experiencing city life complete with plumbing woes, what are you to do? A toilet that constantly runs, a faucet that just won't stop leaking, the list of problems could go on.

That's why PP Plumbing has been happily serving the residents of South West London with the amazing service and super-low prices. We take extreme pride when it comes to delivering stellar service and workmanship we do better than everyone else. Here's why we're unique and here's why you should call us if you find plumbing issues in your way. 1. We guarantee our work.

Not many shops will guarantee the work they do. We're not other shops. If you're unhappy with job we did, we'll fix it so you are, or you don't pay a quid. We want you to know that we back everything we do, so even if it's a few months down the road we'll take care of anything you need to have done.

PP plumbing proudly serves South West London with the best service and best workmanship you can find. We're able to do this by remaining entirely focused on your satisfaction with all the work we do. Here's what we know. If you happen to encounter an emergency plumbing situation, whether that's a leaky faucet, a toilet that's blocked, or a gullie that

London residents know what it's like to deal with bad plumbing. All it takes is a small leak, or a large blockage to help you earn a disaster you never wanted to entertain. Because London's plumbing is becoming increasingly ancient, the severity and frequency of plumbing problems has left many Londoners frustrated and in need of suitable plumbing solutions

Where To Go When You Need Your Washing Machine or Dishwasher Repaired in South West London?. We are South West London's premier plumbing, heating and drainage experts. When your houses appliances begin to act like wayward children, what do you do? Dishwashers and washing machines aren't simple, inexpensive appliances. They're quite expensive and as

Boilers that don't work aren't just a pain- they're really bad news all around. The streets of London can be cold and unforgiving. Nothing's worse than coming in from the miserable chill only to find that the boiler isn't working and now you're just as cold inside your home or office as you were on the other side of the door. Boiler service and repair

If you live in South West London and are currently thinking about installing a new boiler or are considering replacing an existing model, there are a few things you should know. First you should understand that not all boilers are equal. Older models (the type that are currently in use in most of South West London) are horrible users of energy. Most

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