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MJS Appliance & Boiler Repairs Ltd (Previously started as M.J.Stevenson Services in Feburay 2012) are based in Manchester (Didsbury) and provide domestic appliance repairs and domestic gas services. We repair & service gas boilers and most makes of washing machines, dishwashers, combined washer-dryers, tumble dryers and electric ovens. Gas services include boiler repairs, boiler servicing, Landlord/Owner Gas Safety Certificates, gas fire servicing, gas cooker installations and gas hob installations.

read more › MJS Appliance & Boiler Repairs Ltd started trading as MJ Stevenson Services in Didsbury in 2012 repairing domestic appliances covering South Manchester and Stockport. This included washing machine repairs, dishwasher repairs, dryer repairs and electric oven repairs. After successfully operating as a sole trader providing these repairs to the local area for 6 years these services have grown to include gas services such as boiler repairs. We have recently changed trading name to MJS Appliance & Boiler Repairs Ltd.

read more › Washing machine Problems that we commonly fix in Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport:. When making an appointment please try to have the make and model number of your washing machine. These are common problems with washing machines and washer driers which can be fixed using a methodical fault finding approach which will allow the most cost effective solution to be found for the customer. NO parts will be replaced unless they are beyond repair or come only in complete units by the manufacturer.

read more › NO parts will be replaced unless they are beyond repair or come only in complete units by the manufacturer. All repairs aim to cause the minimum of disruption. There is a 1 Year guarantee on all parts and labour. The most common fault with electric ovens is heating element failure. This means that when you have the fan oven on and there is no heat this usually means that the fan oven heating element needs to be replaced. The same applies to the grill. To change to the light bulbs on ovens consult your user manual(these can be downloaded from the internet).

read more › Annual Landlord Gas safety Certificates CP12 can be provided for properties in Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport where you have gas fires, boilers, gas hobs and gas cookers in a rented property. Checks on back boilers are not provided. Maintenance: pipework, appliances and chimney/flues need to be maintained safely. Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance with the frequency given in the manufacturer's instructions. If these are not available, you should ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to service them annually.

read more › In Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport boiler servicing is offered on most makes and models of boilers. Having a fully functioning, efficient boiler producing heat and hot water for our home is essential. Having your boiler regularly serviced helps keep this vital appliance working year round. Boiler manufactures require that their boilers are serviced once a year to comply with their guarantee terms. You should also have your boiler serviced once a year to keep it operating efficiently (which will reduce your gas bills) and safely.

read more › Gas fires should be serviced annually to make sure they are operating efficiently and safely. Faulty gas fires can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which can in some cases be fatal. Following your gas fire service you will receive a check list of all the checks done and the relevant manufactures service record will be filled out to comply with any guarantee you have on your gas fire. In order to service your gas fire the installation instructions are required. A service will not be done unless you have the installation instructions or they can be obtained via the internet or manufacturer of the fire.

read more › Gas cookers and hobs can be installed in the Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport areas:. Most make and models of gas cookers and hobs can be installed in the Didsbury, South Manchester and Stockport areas. Please provide the make and model of the appliance you wish to be installed. If the appliance requires an electrical connection an existing power socket/spur can be used but if you require the installation of a electrical socket or spur you will require an electrician to install this for you before the appliance can be connected to the gas supply.

read more › Select the correct wash cycle for your dishes. Read your instruction manual to find out what sort of loads go on each wash setting. Heavily soiled dishes and food that has been burnt on will not be removed on a quick was or an eco wash. Make sure you are using the detergent correctly as specified by the detergent manufacturer. For listings of the performance of the leading detergent brands I suggest looking at the Which? For the best results use a separate rinse aid and powder. There are problems with dishwasher all- in -one tablets but they are very easy and convenient to use.

read more › A common fault with boilers that use a sealed system such as combi boilers is low pressure. Your combi boiler will require the pressure topping up from time to time (although if you are doing this a lot you have a problem). If you consult your boiler manual it will tell you how to do this (the pressure should be usually between 1 -2 bar). Most boiler manufactures' boiler manuals can be downloaded. You will need your model number. This is usually on the front of the boiler or on a label visible if you open the front panel where the controls are.

read more › Smart Thermostat Installation Wireless and Smart Thermostat Installation Services for Homes in the Stockport and Manchester area. Upgrading the controls for your heating system can reduce your gas bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Smart controls such as the Nest learning thermostat give increased control over heating systems and generate monthly reports on your usage. Smart controls are also available from your boiler manufacturer. Smart Thermostats can learn how your house heats and cools, then adjust themselves accordingly to the temperature outside and inside your home.

read more › Mark's helped us out on two occasions - the first being very thorough advice on how goosed our washer dryer was in order to speak to our landlord and secure a new machine, and the second being when the new appliance was delivered and we were let down for the disconnection and connection. Mark came round at incredibly short notice and sorted everything out for us. He's friendly, knowledgeable and delivers fantastic service that really exceeded all our expectations, making a stressful situation a lot easier.

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